Could Bad Press Kill Your Business?

When working on your search engine optimisation strategy your online reputation management is as equally important as high quality link building and effective keyword research. In the eyes of many celebrities all publicity is positive; however, in the online business world this is not so. Whereas bad press can often have a positive outcome for a rising star, managing negative comments on the internet for internet companies can be a challenge.

Negative content can cause irreparable damage

Celebrities are built upon media hype and back stage gossip. Although they may act upset and affronted by the media’s intrusion into their personal lives stars from all genres need the press to survive. Many celebs have even formulated impressive strategies to use the media positively from standing up for a minority group to experiencing life in a war-torn third world country.

As an online business life is not as cut and dry when it comes to internet reputation management. A bit of bad press will not make your customers warm to you or impress them. In the internet world it’s all about developing a trusted and respected brand. Without a good brand strategy you’ll struggle to survive. You may find suppliers are reluctant to work with you, customers thinks twice about buying from you in case the bad PR equals bad service and even the search engines will view your site as an untrustworthy source.

It is imperative that you find reliable online reputation management solutions to combat negative comments and reviews. There are also a few unscrupulous companies that will use SEO techniques to ensure that bad reviews stay prominently in top position in the SERPs. You need to know your stuff and to be positive in all your own comments and reviews to build a reputable image.

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